Can Football Players Hear The Commentators

Can Football Players Hear The Commentators?

Last updated on February 2nd, 2021

You may have heard some great commentary during a football match.

When a goal is scored, the commentator may start celebrating and praise the player who scored. This may make you wonder, can football players hear what all of these commentators are saying?

Can football players hear the commentators?

Football players are unable to hear the commentators when they are commentating the match. The commentator’s audio can only be heard on the TV broadcasts as they are speaking into mics. However, players can hear stadium announcers as the audio will be played throughout the stadium.

Where do football commentators usually sit?

Football commentators usually sit in the commentary box in the stadium. This is usually at the higher levels of the stadium. This allows the commentators to get a birds’ eye view of the match being played below.

Here is a snapshot of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher commentating on the match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

There are other stadiums which gives the commentators individual rooms. Usually, a commentary team consists of 2 commentators.

In these rooms, there is usually a TV monitor as well. This shows how the match is being broadcasted to our TV screens at home.

If the commentators can’t catch what is happening from their view in the stadium, they can view the TV screen instead.

In the commentary box, the commentators may have the list of players who are playing in the match. This helps them to know who has the ball at any point in the match.

The commentary audio is meant for TV viewers at home

When football commentators are speaking into their mics, these are not connected to the stadium.

Moreover, they are very far away from the football players that are playing the match below. As such, the players cannot hear what the commentators are saying.

Instead, these mics are connected to the broadcasting channels the commentators are commentating on. Only the viewers at home will be able to hear what the commentators are saying!

There are different commentators for different channels

There are many different broadcasters that are showing the at the same time. Each broadcaster will have their own commentary team. As such, there are different commentators commentating on the match at the same time.

Some examples of football broadcasters include:

  1. SkySports
  2. BT Sport
  3. DAZN
  4. beIN Sports

All of these commentators usually line up in one row at the stadium. They may also have their individual rooms in certain stadiums as well.

As such, all of the commentary will only be heard by the audiences at home.

Fans in the stadium cannot hear the football commentators too

Similar to the players on the pitch, fans in the stadium are unable to hear the football commentary as well. The fans are mainly involved in creating the atmosphere in the stadium by cheering on their team.

Football commentary is mainly meant to be heard by the audiences at home. The audio from the mics will only be used by the broadcasters to play on their channels.

Players can hear the stadium announcers

In contrast, football players will be able to hear football announcers. These announcers are meant to hype up the crowd in the stadium. The audio from their mics will be connected to the whole stadium.

As such, both football players and fans in the stadium are able to hear what the announcers are saying.

Here is AC Milan’s announcer, Germano Lanzoni (nicknamed ‘Gegio’) commentating on a match against Udinese.

As he announces Theo Hernandez’s second goal for AC Milan, Hernandez is seen saluting back to Gegio.

This shows that the football players are able to hear what the announcers are saying!

The audio from the announcer will resonate around the entire stadium.


Football commentary is meant to be heard by the audiences at home. Both the football players and the fans in the stadium are unable to hear what the commentators are saying.

However, the stadium announcers have their audio connected to the entire stadium. This means that both the players and fans will be able to hear what they are saying!

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