Can You Score A Penalty Rebound Off The Post

Can You Score A Penalty Rebound Off The Post?

Last updated on October 28th, 2022

Scoring a penalty can be really stressful.

Even worse, you may hit the post and your shot will not be counted as a shot on target!

In this scenario, are you able to attempt another shot on goal?

Here’s what you need to do.

Can you score a penalty rebound off the post?

According to Law 14 in the Laws of the Game, if the ball has not touched another player during a penalty, you cannot play the ball again. If the ball did not touch any other player, you cannot score a goal if it rebounds off the post.

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In this scenario, a foul will be awarded and the advantage will be given to your opponent’s team.

Here is a further explanation of this rule:

The Laws of the Game say you can’t play the ball twice

There is this statement found in Law 14 in the Laws of the Game that mentions this:

The kicker must not play the ball again until it has touched another player.


If you take a penalty and it only hits the post, you can’t play the ball again. If you were to touch the ball again, it will be a foul.

An indirect free kick will be awarded to your opponent’s team instead!

However, if your teammate is the one who shoots the ball instead of you, the goal will stand. There are no rules which mention that your teammate can’t attempt to hit the ball!

Some examples of this rule in real-life

Here are some examples of how this rule applies in real life (courtesy of the Guardian):

#1 Leeds vs Manchester City (1991/92)

Peter Reid hit his penalty shot against the post. However, since it did not hit the keeper, he could not score from the rebound.

When Reid scored the goal, it was disallowed!

#2 Lille vs Montpellier (2015/16)

Ryad Boudebouz took a penalty against Lille in this Ligue 1 match. The ball hit the post and rebounded perfectly back to Boudebouz, and he went on to score the goal.

Since the ball did not touch any other player before Boudebouz touched it again, the goal was ruled out as well!

Can you score your own penalty rebound?

If your penalty shot rebounds off the post without touching another player, you cannot score a goal from the rebound. However, if the ball rebounds off the goalkeeper or another player before you attempt the shot, it will be considered as a goal.

You can shoot the ball if it hits the keeper

However, if the ball hits the keeper, you can score from the rebound.

The Laws of the Game just said that the ball has to touch another player. You are able to touch the ball again once it touches another player.

It did not specify whether the player had to be from a specific team!

You can see how some players have scored the penalty rebound after it is saved by the goalkeeper. Iniesta scored one,

as well as Messi.

Scoring from the rebound is quite common, especially if the keeper does not push the ball to the sides!

A goalkeeper may save the ball by pushing it to the post, but it rebounds back to you. In this case, you will be able to score from the rebound. This is because the ball has already touched the goalkeeper!

This is what happened in this penalty.

The goalkeeper actually had a slight touch of the ball as it hit the post. When the attacker scored the rebound, there was technically no foul.

However, the referee disallowed the goal as he did not notice the touch by the keeper!

If you’re unsure of whether you can score from the rebound, you can follow what the striker did here!

The striker purposely avoided the ball because of the rebound, which allowed his teammate to score instead.

What happens if a penalty hits the post?

When a penalty hits the post, you cannot touch the ball again if it has not touched any other player. However if your teammate scores from the penalty rebounding off the post, the goal will be valid.

You can’t score a rebound during a penalty shootout either

You are unable to score from a rebound during a penalty shootout. A penalty kicker is unable to play the ball a second time during the shootout. As such, you can’t shoot the ball a second time if it rebounds off the post.

This statement is found in Law 10 of the Laws of the Game:

The kick is completed when the ball stops moving, goes out of play or the referee stops play for any offence; the kicker may not play the ball a second time


In a penalty shootout, you only have one chance to score. Once you touch the ball to make the shot, you can’t touch it again!

However, some strange scenarios can happen as well!

In the video below, when the penalty taker shot the ball, it hit the post and flew up into the air. It then bounced back to the ground and eventually rolled into the net!


You cannot attempt to score from a penalty rebound. You can only do so if another player on the pitch has touched the ball. Otherwise, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team.

The rule applies to a penalty shootout as well, where you cannot play the ball a second time. Even if the keeper saves the ball, you cannot score from the rebound!

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