Can You Reverse Transfers On FPL? (Explained)

Last updated on October 8th, 2022

If you are familiar with Fantasy Premier League, it can be quite challenging to grasp how it works. As a result, it is essential to have an overview of how to set up your team, make your transfers, and play from week to week.

Transfers are part of the game, and they can either make or break your season. It is best to carefully plan your transfer plan, but if you do make a mistake, here’s what you need to know about reversing the transfers you make.

Can you reverse transfers in FPL?

Every week, you are permitted one free move into their squad without incurring any point penalties. Any additional transfers will each result in a deduction of four points. However, you could also carry over the week’s transfer to the next, and you can make two transfers the following week. 

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However, you can’t carry your transfers over for two straight weeks!

It is possible for you to reverse a transfer on FPL, and you may get a point deduction, depending on when you decide to reverse it.

If you cancel the transfer before pressing the “Confirm” button, the transaction will be treated as incomplete, and, as a consequence, no points will be forfeited for the cancellation. 

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However, after you have confirmed the transfer, you are unable to reverse that transfer

The only way for you to ‘reverse’ your transfer is to make another transfer, which results in a 4-point penalty!

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As such, it is only possible for you to reverse the transfer before you hit the ‘Confirm’ button.

How Does Wildcard Affect Transfers?

However, there is another method where you can reverse transfers in FPL when you use the Wildcard chip.

Usually, you have access to two Wildcard chips per season: one in the first 19 games of the season and the second one in the next 19 games. 

Managers usually love the Wildcard chip because it allows them to make as many transfers as they like. In this scenario, when you activate the Wildcard chip before the transfer deadline for a specific game week, you can make an unlimited number of transfers before the deadline for the week. 

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This may include cancelling transfers that have already been confirmed, and there will be no loss of points due to this action. 

Moreover, you can decide to use the Wildcard chip just minutes before the deadline for the game week. In this case, the Wildcard chip will erase any point hit you have taken from transfers before the deadline.

Moreover, an important feature of the Wildcard chip is that you can use the chip to change the team permanently. 

As a result, you will continue with the team you’ve created with the wildcard chip.

This is in contrast to the Free Hit chip, where you have to revert to your previous team before using the chip.

Does Free Hit Cancel Previous Transfers?

The Free Hit chip is pretty comparable to the Wildcard chip. You are also able to make an unlimited number of substitutions during the course of a game week. 

The main difference is that the team you create with a Free Hit chip lasts for one game week, while all Wildcard transfers will be permanent.

You will have the option to use the Free Hit chip just before confirming your transfers for the week. 

Once it is activated, you are able to make unlimited transfers, so you won’t incur any point penalties if you do decide to reverse a transfer.

If you have made your one free transfer for the week before you activate the Free Hit chip, it will actually nullify the free transfer. Unfortunately, this nullified free transfer will not roll over to the following week!


In general, the only times that you can reverse a transfer on FPL are:

  1. Before you confirm the transfer
  2. When you use the Wildcard or Free Hit chip

If you are wondering how automatic substitutions work in FPL, you can check out this guide here.

Sometimes, you may need to find the best timings to make an FPL transfer, which you can check out more here.

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