What Is Considered A GOOD Score In FPL? (3 Methods)

Last updated on January 6th, 2023

With 380 matches over 38 gameweeks, it’s fair to say that the Premier League season is a marathon, not a sprint.

In the FPL world, it means that if you expect to be well-ranked by the end of the season, you will need to keep up with the leading point-scorers throughout the season.

So, how do you know what is a good FPL score? 

What can be considered a good score in FPL?

This can be tricky because each FPL manager’s target for the season may differ.

Some managers may target a specific point total by the season’s end; others may aim for a specific rank. Casual FPL players may simply be hoping to finish as high as possible, with no specific target in mind.

In any circumstance, the answer to “What can be considered as a good score in FPL?” will differ. So, a great starting point is to agree on your season target. After that, there are a few approaches that you can use.

Let’s look at the main ones below:

#1 Use a target points range

FPL experts and seasoned managers generally agree that averaging 50 – 59 points every gameweek is the minimum target.

A gameweek score between 60 – 75 points is considered good, and between 76 – 99 points are excellent. 100+ points are outstanding and should be considered a personal achievement.

This basic breakdown can be an excellent guideline, especially if you’re targeting a specific point total by the end of the season.

However, looking at FPL history, we can probably agree that expecting to average between the two latter brackets throughout the season is almost impossible.

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Source: Fantasy Football Pundit

Jamie Pigott recorded the highest-ever points total in FPL in 2021/22, amassing a mammoth 2,844 points. This equates to a gameweek average of 74.8 points.

While this was an excellent achievement, the one crucial difference between the 2021/22 season and all others was that there were 10 double gameweeks.

Double gameweeks are an FPL manager’s dream because there is a possibility to earn higher points. Therefore, if you’re targeting the 50 – 59 point bracket in these gameweeks, you’re more likely to lose ground on the higher-ranked players.

#2 Target the gameweek average score

The next approach you could consider is to target the average points across all players.

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Source: Fantasy Premier League

This is potentially a more effective method since it changes accordingly each week and makes it easier to track your improvement. It’s also extremely useful when you consider that point averages change based on fixtures and player performances.

By achieving the gameweek’s average points through the entire season, you will find yourself well within the top half by the end of the season.

If we use 50 points as the gameweek average, you would accumulate a total of 1900 points by the end of the season. That would have been good enough for a top 45% finish in any of the last five seasons.  

While a top-half finish is an excellent feat, most competitive FPL managers would be aiming for a green arrow every week. This will not always be possible using this strategy.

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Source: Fantasy Premier League

#3 Aim to beat the average points

FPL managers that want to rank even higher have to beat the average gameweek points. Achieving 2000 points over the season should be the bare minimum. It also almost guarantees a top 30% finish!

In the 2022/23 season, the average weekly points up to the World Cup break in November were 53.2 points. Erling Haaland’s record-breaking performance raised the bar significantly compared to previous seasons.

The number one player in FPL up to the same time was already on a total of 1089 points, averaging 72.6 points per gameweek. That’s nearly 20% above the game’s weekly point average.

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Source: Fantasy Premier League

Therefore, to gain ground on the leaderboard, you would need to beat the average points by a decent margin. The bigger the percentage you beat it by, the higher your rank will climb.

If you’re below or about par with the gameweek average points, aiming for 5% above the average is a great starting point. Furthermore, you can use higher-ranked players’ performances as a benchmark.


Ultimately, a good score in FPL is determined by your target for the season. In general, finishing inside the top 15% of players is already an incredible achievement!

Recent years’ results show that the average gameweek points were between 50 and 55. If we assume that future seasons follow the same vein, you should be aiming for around 10% above the average or between 60 – 70 points per gameweek.

Still stuck on how to get a good score? Find out some of the tips in this article here.

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