Is Gerard Romero REALLY Reliable? (A DEEP Dive)

Last updated on July 25th, 2022

With the football transfer season on its way, you may be wondering which reporters are the most reliable.

One of them is Spanish reporter Gerard Romero, who mainly covers transfer news for FC Barcelona.

However, just how reliable is he? Here’s what you need to know.

Who is Gerard Romero?

Gerard Romero is a Catalan football journalist who has attached himself to FC Barcelona. He reports the club’s activities on a day-to-day basis and gives transfer reports regarding the club. The Spanish journalist uses his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch accounts to deliver transfer information concerning FC Barcelona during and outside the transfer window. 

Just as David Ornstein can be described as the most reliable source for transfers involving Premier League clubs and Fabrizio Romano gives the most reliable information on Italian clubs’ business, Romero is an expert at reporting deals involving Barcelona.

Moreover, he is a contributor on Newskill Espana and an editor for Jijantes FC on Twitch.

Is Gerard Romero reliable?

Gerard Romero is classified as one of the most reliable sources for transfers involving Barcelona due to his close ties with the club. The Catalan has managed to connect with some insiders at the club, enabling him to report exclusive deals involving the club way before any other journalist. 

In 2021, he was the first reporter to break the news of Ferran Torres joining the club from Manchester City at a time when many expected the club to be inactive on the transfer market. 

In 2019, Gerard Romero broke the news of Everton’s interest in both Yerry Mina and Andre Gomes, and the transfer materialised in the following weeks.

He was also the journalist who broke the news about the departure of Paco Alcacer from Barcelona in the same year. 

He’s made some mistakes too

As is typical with experienced journalists, he sometimes gets fed wrong facts and figures, leading him to make unconfirmed reports. For example, Romero reported the 2019 transfer of Matthijs De Ligt to Juventus from Ajax. 

Romero reported that the player was joining Barcelona, but the Dutchman ended up moving to Italy. 

Moreover, he reported that Neymar was close to completing a sensational return to the club from Paris Saint-Germain when the Brazilian star was, in fact, not considering a move away from his French club.

Romero has earned the trust of a large number of Blaugrana fans and fans of other clubs, and has very active social media handles with which he reports these deals.

Here are some of his following in the various outlets:


Moreover, Romero also works directly with his sources in Barcelona to provide factual information about the transfer market.

How does Gerard Romero get his transfer news?

Gerard Romero has built relationships with several key players in the transfer business, including player agents and club executives. In April 2021, he called renowned agent Mino Raiola to ask him some questions while he was online with his followers on Twitch. 

His relationship with club executives was also highlighted in the past when he had Barcelona’s economic vice-president Eduard Romeu appear on his live stream on Twitch, and they discussed matters concerning the club. 

He has also had club executive Lluis Carrasco appear for an interview on his Twitch stream in the past, among other club-affiliated individuals.

He also invites active and former players to participate in his live streams, where he can engage them in discussions, giving him an insight many do not have. 

Active players like Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Jordi Masip, and Juan Miranda, and ex-players like Rafael Marquez have appeared on his Twitch channel.

These are players that have had affiliations with Barcelona.

By building a relationship with players, he puts himself in a position where the players themselves can clarify transfer issues for him when they arise.

Despite being a top journalist, Gerard Romero also invites other journalists into his streams to give some transfer insights. The likes of Fabrizio Romano and Matteo Moretto have been guests on his live streams to discuss transfers in the past.

Because some of these individuals are not directly involved in negotiations, there may be discrepancies in the figures being quoted at times. However, this does not diminish the reliability of Romero, who has cultivated a relationship with the club’s hierarchy to allow him to gain first-hand access to information.

He also has various other connections, making him quite informed on transfer deals.


Like Fabrizio Romano, Gianluca Di Marzio, David Ornstein and many other football journalists, Gerard Romero has built a reputation for himself as a top-class transfer reporter. He has carefully developed a stable relationship with FC Barcelona and is usually pretty much informed of all of their dealings on the transfer market.

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He is very reliable at reporting deals involving Barcelona and rarely ventures into dealings of other clubs.

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