The 3 Things You’ll Receive For WINNING The World Cup

Last updated on November 25th, 2022

The World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in international football. Since 1930, football nations across the globe have contested for the crown of world champion.

FIFA organises the competition once every four years where the winner claims the title of world superiority. Besides this, are there any benefits the crowned world champion will gain?

Here’s what you need to know:

What happens when you win the World Cup?

In this grand competition, there are several honours that come with the crown jewel. The glamorous celebrations that come after the triumph are not all there is. 

Different sorts of prizes are presented to the final victor of world football. These include:

  • Prize Money
  • Competition Trophy & Medals
  • Qualification to FIFA Confederations Cup
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Prize Money

Like many other competitions in football, there is a financial award given to the winner of the FIFA World Cup. In fact, FIFA rewards all 32 participant countries for their efforts but to varying extents depending on performance.

During the World Cup, FIFA generates a ton of revenue through global licensing, sponsorships and more. From a total prize pool of around $600 million, FIFA disburses funds to the several football federations that participate in the tournament.

Tournament levelPrize moneyNumber of teams
Groupstage$8 million32 teams
Round of 16$12 million16 teams
Quaterfinals$16 million8 teams
Fourth place$22 millionOne team
Third place$24 millionOne team
Runners-up$28 millionOne team
Champions$38 millionOne team

This is how FIFA disbursed funds to the participant nations at the 2018 World Cup. The prize money varies every year. Each country received an additional $1.5 million for tournament costs.

France, winners of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, received $38 million for their glorious efforts in Moscow. The eventual winners of the next world Cup edition in Qatar will reportedly receive $42 million as prize money

Competition Trophy & Medals

Once the final match is over, the world champions will be immediately crowned and presented with the exquisite World Cup trophy to celebrate their victory. The present FIFA World Cup trophy has been in use since the 1974 edition

Diego Maradona lifts the World Cup trophy after the iconic victory of Argentina in 1986.

Like many other competitions, players and staff of the World Cup-winning national team are awarded gold medals for their victory

Silver and Bronze medals are also awarded to the runners-up and third-place teams respectively.

Qualification to FIFA Confederations Cup (?)

The winners of the World Cup also gain automatic qualification to the FIFA Confederations Cup. This tournament started in 1992 and has since been hosted a year prior to the actual World Cup. 

One of its major aims is to test the capacity of the World Cup hosts. Along with the current world champions, other nations that participate in the competition include:

Germany won the last FIFA Confederations Cup held in 2017 ahead of the 2018 World Cup. They qualified for the tournament after winning the World Cup in 2014.

However, it is unlikely that the competition will be held in future since it was abolished back in 2021 due to the conditions of the hosts, Qatar.

Do the World Cup winners get to keep the trophy?

The World Cup trophy is a prestigious accolade that is awarded to the deserved champions. However, unlike other competitions including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, the World Champions do not get to keep the trophy.

After the national team celebrates with the world cup trophy, it is returned back to the FIFA museum in Zurich where it permanently resides. The champions are granted a replica of the trophy, but the original remains with FIFA.

The trophy itself has a plate on its bottom side where all recipients of the trophy have been engraved.  

Nonetheless, the Julie Rimet trophy was fully granted to the winning Brazil National team of 1970 after they had won the award thrice.

This was the first World Cup trophy awarded since the World Cup started in 1930 until it was given away in 1970

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However, after being lifted by the magical team of Pele, it was stolen from the Brazilian federation museum in 1986.

The trophy’s whereabouts are a mystery till today!

Do the World Cup winners automatically qualify for the next World Cup?

World Cup winners do not gain automatic qualification to the next edition of the tournament.

Unlike the World Cup, it is quite common for winners of European club competitions like the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League to automatically qualify for the next season’s Champions League group stages.

On the contrary, World Champions have to go through the World Cup qualifying rounds like every other nation. Before the 2006 World Cup edition, the previous winners were granted automatic qualification slots but the format has since been abandoned

In fact, World Cup winners may fail to qualify for the next edition of the World Cup. This is yet to happen but it could if the team falters at the hurdle of the World Cup qualifying rounds.

The only automatic qualification spot is granted to the host nation(s) of the World Cup


World Cup winners gain a lot after achieving the highest honour of football. They are presented with accolades including the trophy and medals. FIFA also rewards the champions with cash prizes.

However, they do not keep the original trophy but a replica instead. Winners are also not rewarded with automatic qualification to the next World Cup.

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