What Happens When An FPL Player Transfers In Real Life?

Last updated on October 8th, 2022

Playing Fantasy Premier League (FPL) could sometimes be tricky, so you need to be familiar with the rules. This is because real-life situations usually affect the game. 

To enjoy playing FPL, you’ll need to ensure that you’re up-to-date with these happenings in the Premier League! 

This guide will explain what happens when an FPL player gets a transfer in real life, how it affects your team, and what your next line of action should be.

What happens when an FPL player is transferred in real life?

Transfers are a critical part of the Fantasy Premier League, and they affect how FPL managers set up their teams. However, while you can switch from one player to another when setting up your team, players changing clubs may affect your set-up.

So, what happens when an FPL player transfers in real life?

The FPL is set up in a way that every player has a price tag before the new season commences. However, these prices may change as the season progresses due to different reasons. It may be because of performance, the rate at which FPL managers sign the player, or if the player makes a transfer to another league in real life.

However, since you can only have a maximum of three players from one club, it becomes tricky when one of your players moves to another Premier League club or to another league.

If you’re looking to find the best timings to make an FPL transfer, you can find out more here.

There are two possible scenarios to determine what will happen when a player transfers in real life.

#1 The Player Gets Transferred to Another Premier League Team

In the Premier League, it is an unwritten rule that teams only carry out serious business with each other during the summer and winter windows. This gives them ample time to look for replacements and helps them prevent their teams from getting weak during the season. 

If a player in your FPL squad gets transferred from one Premier League team to another, it usually has no effect on your squad. However, you may decide to transfer the player out of your FPL squad if you believe the player may not get you as many points in his new club as in his former club.

The only situation when this may have an effect on your FPL squad is when you already have three players from the club that signed the new player


For instance, before Marc Cucurella signed for Chelsea from Brighton in the summer of 2022, many FPL managers already had him as a Brighton player. However, immediately after he signed for Chelsea, some managers that already had three Chelsea players in their set-up ended up having four Chelsea players. 

As a result, many were forced to transfer one of the four Chelsea players out. It could be Cucurella himself or any of the previous Chelsea players they had. This is to ensure that they go back to the limit of having only three players per team.

However, it is possible for you to not transfer any of the four players out as long as you decide not to make transfers until the end of the season. 

However, this is quite impossible since you’ll will need to make transfers regularly to remain competitive! 

You can find out more about reversing your FPL transfers here.

Once you have four players from the same team, your next transfer must be one of the four players. FPL will not allow you to transfer another player out until you have transferred one of the four players.

If you do see a team with four players in the same team, it could mean that the manager is no longer playing FPL!

Does the transfer affect my player’s price?

Usually, a player’s value in FPL depends on their performance. If a player consistently delivers high-point returns, he’ll see an increase in his price, and vice-versa. 

The movement of players between clubs does not affect their FPL value in any way. Regardless of where a player transfers, his value remains the same.

The only way that the price of the player will increase is when there is a high demand for that particular player.

In the case of Cucurella, he was priced at £5.0m as he was a Brighton player. As a potential guaranteed starter for Chelsea, he could potentially be a bargain at £5.0m!

If Chelsea’s defence is attractive enough, this may result in more FPL managers deciding to transfer him in, which may increase his price.

#2 The Player Transfers To A Team Outside Of The Premier League 

When a player decides to transfer to a team outside the Premier League, the player in question loses all of his relevance to FPL managers. 

Despite this, the player may briefly remain on the FPL database of players still listed among his former club’s players. Still, there will usually be a red caution sign beside his name to show he would be unavailable for selection. 

This serves as a warning to managers that such players have moved out of the league, so they should not bother signing them.

As an FPL manager, if you find yourself in a situation where one of your players moves abroad, it is better to transfer the player out at the earliest opportunity using your free transfer for the week. This is so because it allows you to plan your squad better, and it is always better to only have available players in your FPL team

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As such, you don’t have to wait to use the Wild Card chip to move on from a player. If you leave him in your squad, you will consistently get 0 points for the player each week.

One recent example of a popular player that left the Premier League in the summer of 2022 is Sadio Mane, who left for Bayern Munich.

Mane racked up 183 points in the 2021/2022 FPL season.


When a player gets transferred in real life, it will only affect your FPL team if:

  1. He transfers to another team in the Premier League
  2. You now have 4 players from the same Premier League team in your FPL squad

Otherwise, if the player is transferred outside of the Premier League, it will be best to transfer him out asap!

You can find out more about automatic substitutions in FPL here.

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